Lets Get Lit!

Lets Get Lit!

Picture this - Florida, 2019. I am a single mom and my one and only son has graduated high school and leaving the nest. 

So......what am I going to do now? 

Get married? Check! 

Sell my house and start an empty nester's life with my amazing husband? Check!

Start working from home again for a healthcare software company (a job for which I love.....)? Check! 

But something was missing. All of my adult life, I had this small bucket list of accomplishments. I have been very fortunate enough to be able to cross a lot of them off, but I have two left - learning to fly a plane and owning a small business! 

So here we are! My small business dreams are coming true! (2021 will be the "learning to fly a plane" year...2020 is just too wacky for all of that!) 

Sandra Sue Creations was born March of 2020, one week before the pandemic hit. Candle making was not my initial thought when it came to my business. I am an avid lover of arts and crafts, cross stitching mainly, and at first that was going to be the center of my business. So how did you get into candles, you say? Quite honestly, I was watching TV one evening with my husband, and the idea just popped into my head. No inspiration or hidden desire - just BAM! Idea just popped in my head and I thought "Maybe I will learn how to make candles..." And the rest is history. 

Backstory: The business is named after my mother. She is the reason I am the creative person that I am. She, along with my father, always encouraged me to reach my creative end point. Whether it be with dance, cross stitch, or stick figure drawing - if I wanted to do it, they bent over backwards to make sure I had the resources to make it happen. I cannot tell you how many hours and hours I spent at my local library as a kid (and teenager), sitting in the aisles, grabbing any book I could and started reading. No specific subject - I would just find an aisle, find a shelf, grab books and sit. God bless my mother for sitting there with me, and somehow figuring out a way to talk me into picking a few to take home with me, because I honestly would spend all day there if I could (I still would today!) 

Fast-forward a few decades, and on to my next adventure - Candle Making!! I did research, read blogs, watched endless hours of YouTube videos, joined Facebook groups and I am glad to say that making candles and wax melts has got to be one of my favorite creative things to do! You can do so much to make a candle or a scent all your own! I want to be able to share what I create with you, and I look forward to continuing this journey, hopefully with you right by my side! 

Have questions for me? Drop me a comment! I am an open book just waiting for that little girl to pluck me off the shelf and get to know every page I have to offer :) 

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