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Hanging Fragrance Diffuser

Hanging Fragrance Diffuser

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Hanging Fragrance Diffuser 

The Hanging Fragrance Diffuser is perfect for car, camper, or any small area where your favorite scent is needed! This fragrance diffuser has a silver lattice, wooden top with a glass base and holds approximately 7ml of fragrance solution. 

Diffuser measures 2 inches tall and 1.5 inches wide. Each cord is approximately 10 inches long. Diffuser will come in a 2x2x2 kraft gift box. 

Buy alone, with a refill, or refills by themselves! 

To use: 

  • Twist off the wooden top, remove plastic stopper
  • Replace wooden top tightly, tilt upside down approximately 3 seconds and then turn back up. Remove wooden top again, and replace plastic stopper. Replacing the plastic stopper will avoid spillage in your car as the diffuser is being used, and will also preserve the fragrance within the glass bottle. 
  • Tie the diffuser to your rear view mirror
  • Wipe any spills as soon as possible. 


  • All Natural Soy Wax
  • High Quality Fragrance Oil


4.25 inches tall, 3 inches wide, 1 inch deep. Each cube is a 1x1 inch block

Care information

To be used in a tea light or electric wax warmer only

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